Friday, September 06, 2013


Here at the farm, there are constantly chores to be done, animals to be fed and checked on, laundry to be washed and folded, eggs to be gathered, apples to be picked off the ground and sorted, trash and recycling to be moved to their proper bins and dumpsters; the list goes on and on.  In order to free up important time for the Healthcare Staff and to allow them to give the animals the best care possible, these chores/jobs fall to the interns.  The list is of "to do's" is long and tedious, however, it's necessary, and while it sometimes gets repetitive, it's obvious that you're helping the farm to run properly, giving more time to support the quality of life for the animals who live here.  It's addicting and I love it.

Kalfin, the sheep, and I posing for a quick selfie.  He's a very cool and cuddly dude... and I'm always down for a cuddle.

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