Friday, June 06, 2014

The MC - Days 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Geez, Louise, this week has flown by, which is fine by me... I'm looking at the light at the end of the tunnel by now (I'm currently on Day 9, SUPER behind on posting!).  Busy or not, however, I need to catch up here, so I'm going to give you a quick recap of the week...

Day 4:

From what I remember Day 4 was pretty ordinary.  I had a slight headache that carried over from the weekend, so I decided to really push to get more juice and water in during the day and that seemed to help.  My sense of smell has seemed to heighten and I feel like I can breathe more deeply.  I'm not sure if that is a typical side-effect of doing the cleanse, but nonetheless it's a benefit that I've noticed.

Day 5:

Hmmmmm.... trying to remember Monday... this is why you post regularly, regardless of your busy schedule...

Ok... I remember feeling pretty euphoric on Monday.  I cleaned the hell out of the kitchen and the cabinets, even though it's messy again.  Oh well.

Monday night, Joey and I had another "Mondate" and saw "Days of Future Past" at the Drive-In.  Great movie.  I ended the night with a headache.  If I can remember correctly, though, I struggled with headaches for the beginning of the cleanse last time as well.  I also think it may have something to do with the fact that my body is still weaning off of coffee/caffeine.

Day 6:

On Day 6 the Salt Water Flush didn't work.  I went about my day as usual and researched it a bit and decided that next time I do it, I should add a bit more salt.  That night I worked at the restaurant and came home headache free, on the road to easy cleansing....

Day 7:

On Day 7 I had a training day for Summer Camp (starts up next week), so I had to be finished with my "morning routine" by 8:30... that's a tall order and one that I couldn't serve up.  This particular morning,  after adding more salt, I tried to drink the mixture too fast in order to expedite the process so I could get to work on time.  Unsurprisingly this didn't work, and I couldn't keep it down, so I gave up on the SWF and decided to skip it for Wednesday.  The rest of the day went as normal and, once again, I went to bed headache free.

Day 8:

Yesterday, I decided to skip the SWF again, as I had to work again and didn't want to repeat the previous day's mistake.  After work, I picked up Joey and we went to pick up some groceries at the store... I'm not hungry, but I'm definitely ready to be eating again, so in the meantime, I'm planning... oh yes, I have big plans...

Last night, no headaches.  I think we're over that slump.

So, that was the week in a nutshell.  I gained a few more tips during this cleanse that I didn't realize last time:

1)  If you're making bottles of juice for when you go out, only mix the fresh-squeezed lemon and Grade B Maple Syrup, then combine your water and your cayenne as you go throughout your day.  If you mix the water in, it dilutes the fresh enzymes in the lemonade and maple syrup and they die, and if you mix in the Cayenne, it marinates in the mixture making it super spicy and unpleasant to drink.  The lemonade, when made fresh, is actually pretty tasty, but left to sit for a while on it's own gets gross and hard to conquer.

2)  Drinking a variety of non-caffeinated herbal teas this time around has been amazing.  It really helps to add variety into your palette and makes the whole experience better.  Plus, it always seems to calm my mind and my nerves to be sipping on a hot mug of tea.

3) Water, water, water...

4)  If the SWF isn't working, then adjust your intake of Natural Sea Salt in the mixture.  DO NOT RUSH this process if you feel like you're going to gag.

I've been researching a little bit more for other people's experiences on the cleanse and found these two sources to be pretty helpful as well:


2)  I enjoyed watching Yoon and Justin from "The Very Berry Life" and seeing their experience.  It's a pretty in-depth look into their whole cleansing experience as they Vlog about it daily (they have a whole video playlist dedicated to their cleanse).   Plus, I think they're entertaining to watch and learn from.

Anyway, Sunday is soooooo close, so close I can taste it...

Tomorrow I'm shooting a wedding, so I'm going to make sure to get a lot of juice in before 3 when I need to be at the church.  Wish me luck!

Talk to you tomorrow!

p.s. - sorry for the lack of pictures... I need to get back into the routine of taking pictures for the blog.  I have a fancy new phone now, so I have no excuses.

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