Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 3 of Easing in, moving on to Day 1...

Day 3 of easing on to the MC consisted of fresh squeezed orange juice (I added a little Grade B maple syrup for calories and some water to taste and to stretch the drink).  It was a fairly easy day.  Whenever I felt a bit hungry, I'd turn to my Millie's teas or down some more orange juice.  A whole bag of 7 Florida Navel Oranges carried me through the entire day quite nicely.  I worked last night, so it was a good indicator on how I will feel working while cleansing, specifically around a bounty of delicious (and I mean delicious!) vegan food.  It was a bit challenging, but I'm excited about this cleanse, and I've got my goals and motivation at the front of my thoughts, so it wasn't too difficult.  Remembering my reasons, and the benefits for doing this cleanse will help pull me through the end while working around food.

Upon coming home from work, Joey and I watched Prisoners, an extremely intense movie that I wouldn't necessarily recommend watching literally *right* before you go to bed.  The film was suspenseful, beautifully shot, and the acting was fantastic (especially Jake Gyllenhal's in my opinion), and it left the viewer a lot to chew on.  However, it's not necessarily the kind of movie that sends you off into a restful dreamland.  I sipped my Herbal laxative tea (for the morning) and covered my eyes when needed and then Joey and I hit the sack.

In the meantime, I've been participating in this 30 day yoga challenge.  It's SUPER easy and relaxing, so I've been able to fit it in early in the morning before starting my day.  I usually prefer a bit longer of a workout, but as I've had absolutely no exercise routine as of late, this one has fit into my schedule well. Right now, I'm on Day 4.  Check it out!

So today starts Day 1 of the cleanse, so I'll check back in tomorrow to report about how the day went.  Until then!

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