Friday, May 30, 2014

The MC - Day 1

Day 1 went pretty well overall.  I started the morning off waking up early (I usually wake up early, so this wasn't a problem for me) and responding to the call of nature, or, in this instance, the call of my natural herbal tea laxative (I use Peppermint Smooth Move by Traditional Medicinals).  The laxative works very well and works pretty well with my schedule as I typically wake up around 7:00am (give or take a few) and need to be going and blowing around 10:00am.  It didn't infringe on my morning routine whatsoever, though I would recommend being near a bathroom just in case.

On Day 1, I read where you don't have to do the Salt Water Flush (more on that tomorrow) on your first day of the cleanse, so I skipped it.

After walking the dogs, taking a shower, and doing my morning yoga, I got myself ready for work and headed out for my first lemonade-full day around the restaurant.  The day went well, and it wasn't too difficult, though I did feel a little low on energy and it is a little torturous to be around so much good food.  Oh well... I will have plenty of time to plan the perfect meal upon finishing this bad boy.

After work, Joey met me at the restaurant and we both hopped into the car to visit his Nona and my Mimi.  Nona went to the hospital the other day with a bad UTI infection and kidney stones and (possibly) a pinched nerve.  When we went to visit, she was feeling pretty good as long as she didn't move around too much.

On Memorial Day, Mimi fell from her hydraulics chair onto her face breaking her nose, bruising her wrists and knees and busting up her forehead.  True to the war horse that she is, when Joey and I showed up to visit, she woke up, face bandaged, black and blue all over, telling stories about the family, how she used to play basketball as a girl until the 9th grade when they told her girls weren't tough enough to play basketball, and reliving memories on the farm.  I've been incredibly fortunate in my life to not only know and love all 4 of my grandparents, but also to be able to know them, share with them, and truly enjoy spending time with them, and Mimi is no exception to that.  She always surprises me with new stories and different perspectives and, most importantly of all, her love of Darla ;).  She asked to have Darla once, while I lived with her for a short while... ha, I had to tell my grandmother that she couldn't have my dog, though Darla did prefer her.

Nona and Mimi, you both keep trucking on like the war-horses you are!  Love you both!

So, to conclude, after driving from one side of the city to the other to different hospitals, we made the drive home from Mississippi back to Midtown.  I drank my herbal tea laxative and Joey and I hit the hay, ready to get up and do it all again.

Until tomorrow!

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Jeannie said...

Awe, I am glad you guys visited Nona (and Mimi). That is actually the most descriptive update I have gotten on how she is doing. :)