Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Master Cleanse Revisited

Ok, 3 years ago--whoa, was it really 3 years!?-- I successfully completed The Master Cleanse.  I've been wanting to do it once a year every year since then, however time and scheduling defeated me and I haven't found a good chance until now.  I'm pretty adamant about doing the cleanse during the summertime, therefore I've created a limited time for myself to pull it off.  Summertime = Sun = playtime = hot and sweaty = wants to drink more and eat less = the perfect time for Megan to complete a cleanse.

I'm super excited... I finally upgraded my phone yesterday and so now I have an awesome phone that can take fancy flip pictures like this one!

Why the hell would anyone drink that crazy lemonade mixture for 10 days straight (some people go for longer) you ask?  Well, recently I've realized that, despite being vegan, their is still delicious, healthy whole foods packed with nutrients, and there are still junk foods that are technically vegan, and my habits as of recently have leaned towards the latter.  I've been feeling sloppy, sluggish, and, as I mentioned in my previous post, just in a rut.  Last time I did the cleanse, I was using it as a way to start my body with a "fresh slate" before truly committing to vegetarianism.  I'd been vegetarian off and on my whole life, and for whatever reasons: gaps in consciousness, denial, and/or the fact that I needed to grow a pair and stand behind my values (all of the above), I hadn't yet made that transition official and I felt like a cleanse would be an appropriate way to finally step into my lifestyle.

I use the cleanse to detox from all of the bad foods I've been eating uninhibitedly, as well as clean out my digestive system to clear out toxins and make way for healthier eating/healthier habits.  It also makes me feel pretty empowered to take a challenge and complete it, so there's also the mental satisfaction that motivates me to do the Cleanse.

So, as of right now, I'm on the second day of easing on to the cleanse.  This means liquid juices throughout the day and a healthy plant-based dinner tonight.  Tomorrow will be an all juice kind of day ending with an herbal laxative to start me off on the cleanse on Thursday.  Yesterday I simply started my day off with a smoothie, ate a light lunch, and then celebrated memorial day with friends (with THESE awesome people!).  I admit, I drank beer which I probably should have cut out, but oh well, it was Memorial Day and we were with friends and I used it as a kind of "last Hurrah", so expect me to begin posting a daily (hopefully) journal of the Cleanse and how I'm feeling/faring.

Recently, I won a give-away!!!

 I've entered a bunch of give-aways, but I've never won one before, so I was stoked!  My new friend Bianca, at Vegan Crunk, posted this plug-in for Millie's Savory Teas.  They're Green Tea infused sipping broth and they're delicious!  Perfect for my three days of easing into the cleanse!  When I'm feeling hungry, I have all of these delicious flavors to sip on.  They're awesome.

I'm looking forward to this week and starting the Cleanse.  I may be a bit grumbly, but we'll see...we shall see....

So, to conclude, like last time I'll start with this info...

Start date: 5/29
End date: 6/7

Plus an additional three days easing into, three days easing out.

Starting weight: 131 lbs
(just to be clear, I'm not doing this for the weight loss, though it is a nice side benefit.  Once you're off the cleanse it is extremely easy to put the weight right back on, which is the incentive to begin making healthier eating choices, but my main goal is to get my body back to a healthier place.)

I look forward to writing more and catching up with you!  Talk to you later and wish me luck!

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